Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bailey and Lucie

These two are a photographers dream.  They love the camera and it obviously loves them.  I was shooting headshots of Bailey and Lucie for an movie they'd like to be in.  Don't know the name of the film but they say Sean Penn stars.  There were lots of great frames.  This one  has some mood I think. Solo images to follow.


Unknown said...

I must say that Steve Immel is a subject's dream photographer. No one could have made these eyes any brighter. The girl on the right has a shadow across the left side of her face that deepens the whole shot and creates a fabulous drama. BTW, if you put a camera in my hand I can barely find the memory stick!! Steve is an old coleague, and by old I mean from many years ago not our mutual chronological years.

Steve Immel said...

Wow Larry! Thank you so much. I'm humbled. Trust me the old point and shoot would have done fine with Bailey and Lucie. BTW, which Larry are you? Give me your contact info if you do such things. Also, how did you see this? You are not a subscriber as far as I know.

As to age, alas,I qualify on the years ago and chronological scales.

Steve Immel said...

Lenny, Is that you masquerading as Larry?