Monday, January 30, 2012

More Cold Traveling

I have just discovered that three new photographers have been added to Cold Traveling.  They are Pascal Shirley of Venice Beach, California, Dave Skinner of Burlington, Ontario (an old haunt of mine) and Eamon McMahon from, in his words, somewhere between Montreal and Toronto.  This darn thing is getting bigger by the minute.

Below are images from each photographer that demonstrate the wealth of subjects and styles in the show.

David Skinner
Keith Dotson
Loren Haury
Eamon McMahon
Pascal Shirley
Steve Immel

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cold Traveling

Starting on Wednesday February I will be part of an online exhibition entitled Cold Traveling in which three very different takes on winter will be shown.  My images are from my Sketches of Winter portfolio while Loren Haury contributes his gorgeous abstract photographs of ice formations in Oak Creek near his Sedona home and Tennessee's Keith Dotson provides his luminous winter landscapes and quirky nudes.  I’m delighted to be in their company.
The exhibition is hosted by Toronto’s Garland and Ford Gallery which was established last year to present the finest in traditional and contemporary photography.  Based on previous shows I’d say the emphasis is strongly on the latter.  Click on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Buried Bough

Because it's, well, winter it's high time I posted an image from my Sketches of Winter portfolio.  This one is the poster child for the series of minimalist photographs that have been compared to pen and ink drawings or sketches.  Hence the name.

This one was taken at Valles Caldera above Los Alamos on the way to the Jemez Pueblo.  Winter or summer it's vast and beautiful and a favorite spot for wintery goodness.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hubbard Squash

This photograph of gnarly Hubbard Squash is one of the images that made my switch from film to digital a fait accompli  Taken in a fine mist under a brooding fall sky the squash gained texture, volume and weight.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Battery Godfrey

A WWI era bunker called Battery Godfrey sits atop a bluff just above the Pacific and a few hundred feet west of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Pea soup fog hugs the Presidio of San Francisco and the air is heavy with briny richness.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Goodness and Light

I’ve failed to post on Sunday yet again.  In this case I may be forgiven since I was attending the memorial for Marcia Harris Sewell, my longest standing college friend.  Fifty one years to be precise.  She and I were both folk singers in the halcyon early sixties.  Marcia enjoyed a measure of success as a member of one of the large New Christy Minstrel style groups of the era and later became an illustrator and painter following in the footsteps of her father Robert J. Harris.  Despite those artistic genes her real calling was caring for others before self, a trait her friends both rued and respected.  The common thread through the dozens who shared memories of her Sunday was her goodness.  That she might have been entirely good puts her in rather rare company I think.

I don’t have a specific image that depicts that goodness or one of the memorial (though I took many) so I’m sharing one of Marcia and her daughter Lisa several years ago in Taos.  This image shows love, joy and Marcia's eternal youth. 
 She's on the right at sixty plus with Lisa in her thirties.  Mother and daughter and sisters, too.