Sunday, September 30, 2012

Night Music

Nocturnes are on my mind.  I am, after all, a light sleeper.  Anyway it's a theme I want to pursue.  In light, or perhaps dark of that, here are a couple of glitsy glimmers in the dark of night.  The first is Austin's Congress Street bridge and the second is parking lot lights at a Denver Barnes and Noble. Technicolor dreams.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The images herein are connected in some kind of midcoast Maine mindmeld. I just loved writing that. They're a hodge podge of sweet moments in a two day two step, can't help myself, from foggy South Thomaston to placid Castine and the good ship Guildive.  The ice cream truck just closed for the season.  The shiny apples just steps from the sea.  The abstract of shadow on clapboards and the nineteenth century brickfront in downtown Rockland.  All part of a tapestry from magical Maine.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Despite two gorgeous days on the Maine coast with fellow photographer John Snyder I’m going with more Cambridge shots for this post.  As I said last time, I’ve trod the paths that line both sides of the Charles River many times; once on a leg of a triathlon.  The paths are well used treasures.  At about 7:30am a mish-mosh of humanity welcomes the day with a walk, run, ride or sail with the Boston skyline and the famed Citgo sign at Kenmore Square in the distance. 

Gotta say I love Boston and Cambridge.  Boston is often compared to San Francisco in shear usability.  I totally get that.  You can walk across both cities.  They both have populations of 600,000 give or take.  Each has a rich sense of history and a youthful vibe.  Oceans don't hurt. They score big on the Richter scale of hipness.  And both are bastions of foodiedom. 
Geezer alert.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Edifice Complex

The sights and sounds stimulated me out of my shorts.  Kendall Square, MIT, the Charles River and the Boston skyline from Cambridgeside served up a big load of New England whoopee.  What a rube.  A couple of early morning runs along the river amid the hordes of other runners and bicyclists recalled dozens of earlier efforts long along these very paths starting in the seventies. 
Fact is that in 600 plus photographs over two days I am left with too many themes for a single post.  Oh, the embarrassment of riches.  There’s the Charles River and associated subjects. Or Kendall Square and the MIT’s hallowed halls of academia. The great city of Boston seen from Cambridge is always a crowd favorite.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Ultimately the thing that rocked my world was the space age architecture of MIT’s newest structures.  As you can see they don’t look real but appear like an artist’s renderings of a future world colony on the planet Albon.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Yankee Homecoming

There’s a visit to New England on the horizon.  It was home for most of thirty years so there’s still a palpable tug at the heartstrings when the places, people and events that defined young adulthood, middle age and, ahem, senior citizen-ness loom so large.  They say that the childhood years are the formative ones but the ones starting with 3 and 6 make a pretty big impression as far as I’m concerned.

There’s a fair amount of excitement around the old hacienda as we anticipate revisiting old haunts and good friends.  Thoughts of the great northeast as fall approaches prompt this sampler of images that say New England to me.