Sunday, December 19, 2010

No more breakfast

US Highway 285 enters New Mexico near Antonito, Colorado and heads south through Santa Fe where it bends to the southeast through barren plains and threadbare railroad towns before entering Texas south of Carlsbad.   The dusty and dying railroad towns, scarcely more than sidings really, called to me a couple of weeks back.  Encino and Vaughn wouldn’t exist if not for the BNSF Railroad and as it is are on life support.   At the edge of what’s left of Encino a school bus gazes forlornly into the sage and mesquite.   The school now abandoned.  The last cafĂ© shuttered.  No more 99 cent breakfast.


Thea said...

In the past I did not like to see abandoned vehicles in the landscape. But creative shots like this have made me appreciate the history that they are a reminder of.

Steve Immel said...

That's interesting, Thea. My gallerist in Durango feels the same way. I don't know what draws me to them so much. Certainly it's not a new theme but this one seemed to evoke some mood or memory. A proud sadness, perhaps. And a certain elegance.

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