Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sides by Sides

For as long as I've been making photographs, I use "making" to reflect a measure of control that I attempt to apply,  I've been fascinated by the sides of things.  Mostly but not exclusively buildings.  If the subjects have been shot all squared up or can be made so all the better because the geometry of the images is part of the appeal. Reflected Sky above was an epiphany for the heavy, clouded sky in the window and the fact that the building was demolished shortly after the picture was taken but it began with a study of the geometrics of the window and the clapboards.  The shuttered store was in Bartlett, New Hampshire.

Somewhere in the barrens of southern Colorado I think.

The S in the word house in Randburg ghost town, California.

Auto repairs with emphasis on four wheeling in Penasco, New Mexico.


John Farnsworth said...

Nice series, Steve.I'd like to see more of these. The "S" especially. Come by when you're in town.

Daryl A. Black said...

Indeed, a wonderful series, Steve! More please.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Kids.