Saturday, October 15, 2011

Playground of the Super Rich

The display of wealth was mind numbing.  The opulence, indulgence and consumption were off the charts.  Heck, I knew that Antibes had the largest marina in Europe with 2,000 moorings and able to handle 100 meter craft so I expected some boats.  But nothing could have prepared me for the teak and fiberglass castles in Port Vauban and the sheer number of them.  It felt like you could walk across the harbor from deck to deck without getting your feet wet.   And we’re talking three story monoliths with twenty foot high bows and football field decks. Helipad optional.

When confronted with unimaginable wealth do you wonder where all that money came from and how in the world did so many folks strike it so rich.?   Many years ago I had a millionaire boss that I thought was richer than, well, God. He told me “There’s a whole lot less of a difference between you and me and me and somebody really rich.”  That was forty years ago and I probably didn’t really get it till seeing the toys of the super rich in Antibes.
We're winding down, folks.  This may be the last post from France unless I do a compilation, a sort of best of thing, or a black and white portfolio that's a more arty rendition of a memorable adventure.  There's a book rattling around in my brain, too.  I figure if I say it here I'll have to do it.  Oh, the pressure.

A plus tard, mes amis. 


Kerrie P said...

Steve, I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos and writings. Sounds like you've had an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing with us.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Kerrie. One black and white post to come.