Monday, January 02, 2012

Goodness and Light

I’ve failed to post on Sunday yet again.  In this case I may be forgiven since I was attending the memorial for Marcia Harris Sewell, my longest standing college friend.  Fifty one years to be precise.  She and I were both folk singers in the halcyon early sixties.  Marcia enjoyed a measure of success as a member of one of the large New Christy Minstrel style groups of the era and later became an illustrator and painter following in the footsteps of her father Robert J. Harris.  Despite those artistic genes her real calling was caring for others before self, a trait her friends both rued and respected.  The common thread through the dozens who shared memories of her Sunday was her goodness.  That she might have been entirely good puts her in rather rare company I think.

I don’t have a specific image that depicts that goodness or one of the memorial (though I took many) so I’m sharing one of Marcia and her daughter Lisa several years ago in Taos.  This image shows love, joy and Marcia's eternal youth. 
 She's on the right at sixty plus with Lisa in her thirties.  Mother and daughter and sisters, too.