Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Street

When we think about street photography we conjure gritty urban scenes of which there are pretty much none here.  The key in street photography, it seems to me, is that some context is provided by the setting, the backdrop.  A story may unfold in the "decisive moment" as in the first image where Jean Luc prepares to enter heaven's door beyond which his life as a monk begins.  Or a lonely hooded soul slumps toward the "vielle ville" as his peers across the beach enjoy a laugh and a smoke.  There's palpable isolation.
A couple of these are portraits that don't have precise environmental context but the subject's attire and ethnicity provide ample texture and sense of place.


Charlie Christopher said...

Thank you Steve...again, brilliant!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks amigo. I hope you and Holly are well. I'm responding from Sedona AZ red rock country where we are through the weekend.

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