Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wagons West

Stock Tank, Cow Springs, Arizona
Friday with any luck I hit the road with buddy John Farnsworth, the noted painter and photographer, for a meandering trip through Navajo country, across Arizona and into the Mohave Desert of California.  John will pick up his beloved Betsy the VW camper in Victorville and head to parts unknown.  We may knock around together for a few dusty desert days then John will head to LA for a Kachina show at the Autry and I’ll boogie back to Taos by the way of who knows where.  

John and I have been threatening a photo odyssey for several years so rescuing Betsy has given us  the excuse we needed.  When I proposed the trip he asked if we could take backroads, the proverbial Blue Highways.  That's right up my alley so I said absolutely.  In return I extracted his commitment to actually sleep at night.  The guy's a night owl and I am decidedly not.  It's an odd couple pairing.  Sitcom to follow.

You may get more frequent posts over the next week since I’ll be swimming in new material.   I guarantee that you’ll get a daily post if you subscribe to John’s blog.  He’s approaching his 800th daily painting, by the way, each available through a daily online auction.  Yup, 800 paintings over 800 consecutive days.  That’s commitment folks  or maybe he should be committed. 
Abandoned Station, Rice, California



Daryl A. Black said...

You once again have captured the magic of the desert landscape, studded with clouds that only accentuate the abandoned stations previous and evolving life or demise. Good shooting this week!

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