Sunday, March 03, 2013

There's close and there's really close

Railyards are ripe with subjects that can be interpreted abstractly.  Chunky mechanicals cry out for such treatment in my opinion.  That makes the Chama and Antonito yards of the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad perfect places to take closer look.  That’s closer as in look down closer, get in tight closer and limit what you see to what’s right there in your viewfinder closer.  This is not the time for the grand vista.  This is a killer drill for learning to see and for designing arresting abstracts. Hey, I’m as fond of a locomotive or caboose as the next man but trucks really get me going. 

What is a truck you ask?  A truck is a railroad wheel assembly that has two or more axles.  They're much like the wheels on your favorite skateboard which are also called trucks.  Get that thing out of the closet and take a look.  Ties, you know what they are. But what are the other things shown below?



j. Madison Rink said...

It's so true......there is "close and there's really close," wonder I have always felt an affinity to you and your work, Steve.

Here's proof! Did you ever see my road collection? I spent years having fun with this project. I loved it and learned so much about road repairs and construction in the process.

The road

Steve Immel said...

I will check out your road collection right now. Best, Steve

Steve Immel said...

Your road images are super. Very abstract, indeed. They also meet the criterium making the viewer wonder what the are.