Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kudos to Kelp

Three Stones and Surf

The Point Lobos was described by Tasmanian landscape painter Francis McComas as “the greatest meeting of land and water in the world.”  He left this earth in Pebble Beach so he certainly thought so. Still that’s some lofty lingo to describe a tiny, rocky headland.  There are legions of Mainers who would put Acadia and Monhegan into the ring with the Central Coast contender any old time.  Weston battles Wyeth in a steel cage death match.

Sea Foam

Part of the rocky part of the rocky headlands

Kelp in black and white

Kelp in Color
Unhappily for me I erased two memory cards from our recent California sojourn, erased that is before downloading the images.   So half of what I could have shown and told about Point Lobos has vanished into nothingness along with half my shots from the former Fort Ord where I majored in Army Basic Training and minored in AWOL on Carmel's Main Beach during the summer of 1960.  


John Farnsworth said...

Love the Kelp! Color and BW, both.

So sorry to hear about the erased cards. But Stop! You can still get the images off if you don't overwrite them. Don't remember exactly how off the top of my head, but it can be done. Would really like to see the Ft Ord shots. I'm sure you got some winners. As you know, I was there in '59, but my major and minor were somewhat the opposite of yours, I'm afraid.

Steve Immel said...

Twin sons from different mothers or something like that. I'm pretty sure I've overwritten both by now. I still have one card of Fort Ord which I'll post over the next several weeks.

And thanks and I agree that the kelp starred in this little extravaganza.

Daryl A. Black said...

With luck, you have been able to work the John Farnsworth magic and reclaim your images from the erased cards.

But, this sequence of photographs is so evocative in many ways. The kelp is lit radiantly, and I can feel the sea foam on my feet. You love this place. We love this place. So many people love the California central coast that it has been loved nearly to extinction. I keep my fingers crossed that large portions remain intact for future generations. Thanks for sharing these.

Thea said...

Hi Steve, I have not been doing much commenting on my favorite blogs lately as work schedule has been kicking my you know what. However, I must tell you how much I enjoy your photographs and posts. Thanks for sending me to Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2013. Totally enjoyed seeing these. I viewed them here at work on the perfect monitor rather than my stinky little laptop. Such beauty and power in those shots.