Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where you find it

It’s been said by many photographers that there’s a worthy image pretty much anywhere you happen to be. You just have to look or maybe the word is “see.”  So it was as we sat with our good friend Jamie Hindman at Cora’s Coffee Shoppe in Santa Monica.  Cora’s is a tiny mostly outdoor affair that’s attached to its pricey northern Italian sibling, Capo.  It’s misleading and unprepossessing moniker masks some serious culinary intent and a large, brunchish menu that’s uber Californian.  Wagyu “Kobe style burgers, rotisserie tacos de carnitas, steak, celery, arugula and parmesan salad, crimini polenta, rigatoni with white truffle oil meat sauce, artichoke tarragon omelet and Turkish breakfast with homemade simit ought to get you to the left coast pronto.  Cora’s and Capo proudly source their produce from Santa Monica’s extraordinary farmers market.  Goat’s cheese and wild sage honey anyone?

Both images today were shot in Cora’s leafy café and were taken from a sitting position with little more than a twist of the waist.  I’m all about economy of movement.  As a lapsed restaurateur, I think place settings make great though scarcely rare still lifes and the simple fountain on the wall behind me was a tasty bonus.  Both are everyday things that seen from the right perspective are artful and full of mood.  
Note to self, you have to have the camera with you to record this stuff.  As for simit, that's a Turkish bagel. 


Daryl A. Black said...

These two photographs absolutely knocked my socks off! They are wonderful, Steve, and I would be surprised if Cora's didn't want to purchase them from you. The images are warm, and evocative. Comfort food for the eyes. Conservation of energy sometimes does make the best photographs, as reflected here. A good reminder to photographers to carry their tools with them at all times!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Daryl as always. Gotta pack heat at all times.

j. Madison Rink said...

Love the faucet/water shot, Steve! ...strangely evocative...and it truly illustrates your point! And oh, my dear Santa Monica! ...a great place to live...

really enjoy your blog, Steve! Poetic. And thanks for bringing so much to it.

Steve Immel said...

Thank you, Madison. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I agree about Santa Monica. It's a special spot for sure.

Anonymous said...

These two really knocked me out. The restaurant guy in me loved them both. Your photos make my day each time I open your email.


Steve Immel said...

Thanks Lenny. Sometimes it's the simple things that resonate. News on your book?

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