Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mulligan Stew

When I got back to Taos and checked my blog I found that the images from Green River were mighty dark. They had looked fine on my laptop’s mediocre screen.  It goes to show that I need to match up the displays of I’m going to post from the road.

So I’m going to take a Mulligan for the first time.  It’s a blessing in disguise though since I gave poor Green River short shrift.   I was so beat Sunday night that I’m lucky I posted at all.

I stopped in Green River mostly because I didn’t know what the next town up the road would offer. By now I’ve learned that Salina about a hundred miles west would have done nicely.  I’m saving it for another jaunt.  Salina is a thriving little farming town of wide Mormon streets, trim irrigated fields and a bustling café called Mom’s.  Salina has Mom’s.  Green River has Ray’s Tavern. 

But this is about withering Green River and the treasure trove of decrepit that it is.  As I said Monday, Green River sits astride US 50 a hundred miles from anywhere and its best days, if ever there were best days, are long ago and far away.  In other words the perfect venue for me.  And as advertised, the town does boast Ray’s Café where I devoured a grilled 12 ounce pork chop, a baker, a chopped iceberg salad and frosty IPA.  Not bad for the fallback position to my fallback position.  Sometimes serendipity delivers if you go with the flow.  


Daryl A. Black said...

Well done, Steve. And from the road yet. I am impressed that you posted after that long road trip. My excuse this week was jury duty.

However, the initial image of jagged rock faces with mammoth cloud backdrop is worthy of praise on so many levels. This is a keeper. As are the "Midland" and the "Bank", with their wonderful symmetry. Ah, if only Butch and Sundance were around.

Steve Immel said...

Jury duty,huh? I looked for your blog. I gather that you skipped it?

More to come from many places on the road. Thanks as always.