Sunday, February 16, 2014

Furrowed Brown

I made three overnight treks to the McCullough potato empire last year, one for planting, another when the vines began to sprout and again to photograph the harvest. On the last occasion I got down to soil level to capture the diagonal lines in the tilled earth.
Massive combines dig the rich San Luis Valley earth, tear the meaty russets from their vines and feed them into giant hoppers that deliver them to warehouses spread all over Monte Vista.  The giant machines are refueled in the field so the process never has to stop.  Combines pick, trucks gather and workers sort the potatoes for size and quality from sunset to sundown for about a month of eighty hour weeks. 1.2 million hundred weight of bakers takes monumental effort and serious choreography.

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Daryl A. Black said...

You have made an image of what some might call a barren field lovely, lush and rich! Nicely done!