Sunday, July 20, 2014

Urban Geometry

Visiting a real city is a treat if for no other reason than the zooming geometry of metal and glass piercing the sky.  The competing angles of adjacent buildings from different eras vying for air space in the blue yonder offer up unending juxtapositions such as these from Atlanta Midtown last weekend.


Atlanta, as all big cities, is full of neighborhoods like upscale Midtown and Buckhead to its north. Atlanta Five Points, Grants Park and East Atlanta were new to me and, thanks to my guide Garrett Immel whose sensibilities are eerily similar, have been added to a growing list of locales that demand a closer look very soon. More to come.




Daryl A. Black said...

The third and fifth images are my kind of photographs, Steve. Just sublime in their geometrics and the coming together of materials But I also love the fact that you juxtaposed your last two blogs - Bent's Fort and Atlanta. One used primarily on-site available resources whereas materials can be imported from around the globe in the modern world for urban buildings. Nicely done.

Jim Rogers Photography said...

Your lead photograph from downtown
Atlanta could have easily been the promotional poster for Metropolis in a new Superman movie. Love the look, the cloud peaking from behind the futuristic skyscraper...the entire post just gets me hyped to see the next installment of your pictorial on Atlanta.

albina N muro said...

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