Saturday, September 27, 2014

This just in

Big thanks to the folks who responded to my plea.  Wrenching wasn’t it?

You've answered the musical question, “Do people want to read as much as I write?” The tally was 90% for doing what I do how I do it with a couple of folks wondering if readers have the attention span to crawl through the words to get to the photographs.  Hey, nobody told me to stop.

So I’m going where the spirit dictates and taking you with me, sometimes concise and other times elaborate.

Outside Bar Baco

Inside Bar Baco

Salmon, Artichoke and Anchovy Salad at Bar Baco

Plaza Mayor and every twenty something in Seville

Plaza Santa Marta in front of my sweet Hotel Seville at 10:30 in the PM

The photographs have nothing whatsoever to do with word count and this isn't even my regular post.  It's just because.