Sunday, February 01, 2015

On the road to Wind Mountain

The first right that accesses the Taos Plateau north of US 64 on US 285 is marked Wind Mountain. TP 178 if memory serves. Barely a mile in I spied a ramshackle corral in six inches of new snow. Corrals, as you know by now, draw me like Manchego cheese to Marcona almonds. And as a bonus beyond the corral sat this well worn abode. That sky didn't hurt either.

Corral close up.

Sheepherding adventures to grace these pages shortly.


Daryl Black said...

What captivating introductory photographs to your sheepherding journey with Cuba! Both the bright, intense color photographs, as well as the black and white shots of the cabin and corrals give a sense of the wide open, deserted spaces that define a sheepherder's space in the world. Thank you for embarking on this journey. It is a gift.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks as always, Daryl. That deserted homestead is right in your backyard maybe 2-3 miles north of the Chile Line Cafe.

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