Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nunca as in never

Last summer I posted long exposures of the Martinez Hacienda. They were taken as I described then with a graduated neutral density filter which allowed exposures of up to thirty seconds in this instance. It's also the last time I used the handy device. The thing seems to lend volume to the images and make the texture of the adobe very pronounced and as such should be revisited. 

The dial an exposure filter at its most dense reaches does necessitate using a tripod and that's probably why it hasn't seen more use. Hate the darn things.


Daryl Black said...

These are lovely images, Steve, and worth the replay. Somewhere, somehow, regardless of when, you will find another suitable subject on which to use the graduated neutral density filter and long exposures, and I for one, look forward to those.

All of photography is flirtation with life at its best and also its darkest. In the end, we use what is appropriate for the situation, regardless of whether or not we own the very latest piece of equipment. A friend of ours is headed to Cuba tomorrow for a photo workshop with Keith Carter, and the sum total of her equipment is an iPhone. Fancy that. Onward!

Steve Immel said...

Though similar these are all different than the ones I posted last summer.

The idea of shooting with a single small camera or smart phone is most appealing and worth a test on an important project.

John Farnsworth said...

Haha! Ditto on the tripod as ballast. And in my recent travels in Mexico, the same applies to painting gear. Yes to iPhone travel for shooting and sketching, too.

John Farnsworth said...

P.S. I really like those rich, compelling images.

Daryl Black said...

P.S. to the P. S. The first two shots would have made a great Taos Fall Arts festival poster. But at least a photograph made it to poster.