Sunday, August 23, 2015

Singular as a snowflake

After coffee, a scrumptious pastry and topping off the tank I left Cambria and headed north on PCH. The first site of note was San Simeon Beach, part of William Randolph Hearst’s storied castle and ranch complex and a California State Park. Jutting 300 yards into the crescent cove was a long pier probing blue water and the open Pacific. To the north San Simeon Point, a hillside resplendent with Eucalyptus and Bishop Pines, buffered the cove. A handful of fishermen silently fished for calico surfperch, jacksmelt  and boccacio.

Piers and the pilings on which they stand create receding repetitions that draw the eye into the scene while the surf's frothy residue forms intricate patterns, each as singular as a snowflake.

There's a subtle difference between the two immediately above. The first is toned black and white the second color. Which one works best? I encourage you to enter the actual website and click on the images to make them fill the screen. Lots of detail in the last one especially.


j. madison rink said...

Oh,'re killing me with these truly stunning photographs of the California coast. Again, I like the perspective. Colours viscerally stimulating. And big time memory lane for me. I finished a novel while living and daily walking those gorgeous cliffs along the ocean in Cambria. I know the pastries, too. :-) The ocean in the area highly stimulating and you've surely captured the essence of all of it. Absolutely love that photograph as is...... very cool.

Terry T. said...

All four are great images, but I'm sure you've guessed I'd be drawn to #4 of the waterline. Like the other comment, you're killing me also with these memories. Where are my car keys?

Blacks Crossing said...

A road trip is mentally shaping. There is a reason why so many people settled in California. It is an extraordinary place. Can you imagine the first pioneers and farmers who came from the midwest, looking at the landscape, and either screaming with joy and laughter or taking a deep breath? It must have been even more stunning in those early days.

I, too, love the last two images but the color really works on shot # 4. It is incredible. Killing us softly!

Steve Immel said...

Thank all. Back in the early seventies we lived in SoCal and I had become a member of Friends of Photography which was based in Carmel and started by Ansel Adams among others. Two local members, meaning Carmel and environs, Garred (sp) and Gilpin (not that Gilpin) did entire series on surf and that last shot reminds me a little of that work. Their work, of course, was in luminous large format black and white.

I concur that the subtle color in image four takes the prize.

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