Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Eye of the Photographer

My partners in crime Cris Pulos, Bill Davis and Terry Thompson with his wife Linda at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art.

Cris Pulos, Robbie Steinbach and Bob Parker at David Anthony Fine Art.

Aftermath, the old four at Wilder Nightingale.

Saturday night the exhibition "The Eye of the Photographer"opened at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art and David Anthony Fine Art in beautiful downtown Taos. Thanks in part to our partnership with the Taos Center for the Arts to which a portion of the proceeds was donated, the ticketed pre-opening event was chock-a-block with art aficionados and the subsequent public opening was even busier. Thanks to all that attended.

Among the red dots were these images:

Cuba and his Mauser EspaƱa

Andrew and Lamb

Under a Big Sky
The show continues through July 4. Please come take a gander.


Terry T. said...

Congrats to Steve for selling 3 photos during the opening night receptions. Indeed, we had a fine turnout for both the TCA and public receptions. Now we wait to see how the public reacts to our work over the next 5 weeks. Thanks to everyone that turned out Saturday evening.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Terry and on your sales, too. More to come I think.

Blacks Crossing said...

Congrats, Steve, on the red dots. I suspected the show would be a success and it is nice to hear there was such a great turnout for the benefit and the opening. We'll be over in Taos one of these days when the dust and dots have settled to see your further success. Love the "big sky" shot! Kudos all around.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Daryl. Let us know when you think you'll head over so we connect in some fashion.