Sunday, July 31, 2016

Alley Cat

Some people say I do my best work in dark alleys so it’s only natural that I’d pick one to get from 18th Street to 17th Street in downtown Denver. From the multi-pane windows of an early 20th century parking a rich glow leant a painterly effect to the grimy stone walls.


Blacks Crossing said...

The second and last images are incredibly strong and rhythmic. So glad you did another blog on your "get out of Dodge into Denver" shoot and shared them with the world via your blog. Oh, sorry we missed Friday on Kit Carson while Peggy was painting.

John Ellsworth said...

These are incredible, esp the interior lighted ones. You have a great idea and a pretty damn steady hand, mi amigo. Keep it up!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks both of you. Yes Daryl, this post is from getting out of Dodge in Denver caper two weeks ago. John, the post was all about about the inside lights. The first and last were for context.

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