Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not New Mexico

I’m riding this fog theme for all it’s worth. Here’s a tight shot with a filigree of branches and leaves that has an abstract quality to it followed by a wide shot of the beach that shows just how foggy it was in Cayucos one fine September morning. This is about as un-New Mexico as it gets. Not to brag but we're all about bluebird skies and vistas to forever.


Blacks Crossing said...

In your last two fog posts, I could feel the temperature and the moisture. Now that only happens in a great photograph. Love today's second where the beach and ocean go on forever but the fog leaves them in mystery. The first image from last week's blog is wonderful. The child's curly hair was probably made even more impressive by the humidity. Glad you are getting as much out of these as you can. The readers' gain! Thanks, Steve.

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