Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sky Lines Boston Edition

The Prudential Building

In the Boston area for a buddy’s 70th I gave myself one afternoon, night and morning to walk the very walkable city and add to my growing Sky Lines series. Come to think of it, the great American cities, Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston are walking cities. That's partly because they're relatively small geographically and people actually live "downtown."

I parked at my beloved MFA (Museum of Fine Art) thinking that I’d do my stroll, stash my camera and partake of its wonders. Well, that didn’t happen because by the time I got back to the garage it was nearing check-in time and it was more important to me to take a long run along the Charles River than ponder art. Running on the Esplanade among the hundreds of other runners remains one of my favorite routes, indeed things, in the known universe. I'm given to rituals, touchstones of joy.


Terry T. said...

Nice, I love what the glass does to the images. It's like the buildings are reflected in water.

Blacks Crossing said...

The last two photographs are absolutely magical, funky, almost M. C. Escher-esque work. All the senses you experienced running along the Esplanade of the Charles River must fill your head and pop back from time to time. A great blog, Steve!