Monday, May 22, 2017

Tyrrell Errata

Earthy Tyrrell coffee cups on the seconds shelf

Oops! I misspelled Al Tyrrell's name and, hence, web address. My apologies to the talented potter and to you. It would be to see more.


Blacks Crossing said...

I am not entirely sure which image grabs me most - the color or black and white of Al Tyrrell's coffee cups, but something about the richness of the colors seems to evoke coffee and the smell. Either way, this is a great image, Steve. Your passion for restaurants, service, food, and drink come through in your photography. Is he a local potter? Well done all around!

Terry T. said...

Exquisite color photo. ;>)

Unknown said...

I love this, particularly since I've used one of those mugs and know exactly what you mean about how they fit in your hand. I think I also prefer the color version - the warmth of the colors is part of my memory of the mugs. The black and white is a beautiful image, but the color version is the one that makes me warmly happy.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks you all. It's a landslide in favor of the color iteration of Al's natural almost organic cups. Got one at near my right hand as we speak, Michelle.

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