Sunday, September 17, 2017

Canyon Glow

On a Wednesday night we arrived at the east entrance to Grand Canyon National Park just as the sun was falling below the canyon rim. The ranger warned us, “You’re about to miss the sunset. You’ve get about five minutes. Desert View Tower is half a mile on your right. Hurry and you might make it.”

We sped to the parking lot and literally ran to a spot to the right of the watch tower. The brilliant orb was falling fast. But not too fast for these.


Blacks Crossing said...

Whoa, baby! What amazing shots, Steve! Not many have the skill and knowledge of light and landscape to do this kind of work. Just fantastic, stunning, and every other superlative descriptor I have yet to conjure. Can't wait to see what other images you made during your travels.

John Farnsworth said...

Beaurrtiful, Steve! Well done, amigo.