Sunday, November 05, 2017

El pago en cash

This hand-written sign made me smile. Staffing that graveyard shift must be a bitch. If ever there was a blatant effort to beat the system this is one. Could they be more obvious? Apparently paying $12.00 an hour cash money for a dishwasher on the vaunted 12am -4am  shift Fridays and Saturdays is the only shot at getting a pearl diver. I've waited decades to use that term.

Ask yourself who in the hell would report at midnight for a four shift? $48.00 tax free dollars is, well, $48.00 tax free dollars. I get that.  But this is 2017, chico. This little Tacos al Carbon operation is throwing caution to the wind it seems to me. Does getting caught cheating Governor Brown’s Tax and Revenue department and the IRS mean anything to you? And, did I mention the INS and ICE?