Sunday, January 07, 2018

Year of Years: 2017. Click here to see full screen.

Vendadora, Antigua, Guatemala

Here's a look back at the images that bring the past year into focus for me. These selections are about the photographs themselves; some may be well crafted and others may tell a compelling story. Maybe some do both.

I hope that you will take the two extra steps of, first, clicking on the title line you see above. That will take you to the blog. Second, click on the first image. That will create a row of thumbnails through which you can click to fill your screen with wonder and amazement.

Would you be so kind as to choose your favorite three? You can comment below or email your choices. Thanks very much.

Maria, Antigua, Guatemala

Presbyterian Church, Taiban, NM

Millwork, Taiban, NM

Lap Chicken, Rayado, NM

The Citadel, Ghost Ranch, NM

Sanctuary, Coyote, NM

Silky Tresses, Taos, NM

All Things Wool, Taos, NM

Pickets, Point Reyes, CA

Abandonado, Des Moines, NM

Bent to the Task, Antigua. Guatemala

Mesa sin Sillas, Antigua, Guatemala

Afternoon Delight, Winslow, AZ

Homage to Lenny, Taos, NM

Winding Eastward, Tucumcari, NM

Cliff Rose, Grand Canyon, AZ

Hard Charging, Taos, NM

Buckaroo, Taos, NM

The Blessing, Antigua, Guatemala

Porcelain Doll, Taos, NM 

Gracias y Feliz Nuevo Año.


Terry T. said...

Well, señor, as always, a tough decision to pick only 3. But my picks would be 9, 12, and 20. As said, there are many more worthy but... I'm sure Guatemala is tugging at your camera bag once again. Happy New Year and good shooting.

Blacks Crossing said...

100% agreement with Terry. A difficult decision to pick three. I got it down to four so one will need to go. The Presbyterian church at Taiban (#3) is one of my recent favorites because the clouds lay such a gorgeous background for the rugged, wooden church. Many photographs have been shot of Ghost Ranch and most are color. Your black and white of the Citadel (#6) there is a great geologic study. And number 14, Afternoon delight, is not only a great spontaneous grab, but an unparalleled piece of story telling. There you have it. Two photographers. Two different sets of favorites. For what it is worth! Thanks for the year in review. We suspect 2018 will indeed be the year of years.

Steve Immel said...

This is fun. Thanks. I have four score cards so far and some matches. Not sure whether they are rank ordered or not. I think they are probably the top three, four or six but not necessarily in order. Did you rank yours or do all of your choices have the same weight?

Jamie said...

Tough stuff--you had a very good year my good friend... I have to go with Prsbyterian Church, Pickets, and Afternoon Delight...but it's hard to leave out Winding Eastward....

Unknown said...

I am not an art photographer and my choice is only subjective: 1-5-18
Annie Molinet France

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Jamie and Annie. I appreciate your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is hard! My top three not necessarily in this order "Presbyterian Church", "Homage to Lenny", "Winding Eastward". But :-) any one of my next four could jump to a top three slot at any time depending on my mood. They are "Hard Charging", "Mesa San Sillas", "Pickets, Pt. Reyes" and "Vendadora". Peggy

Anonymous said...

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