Sunday, May 13, 2018

We don't need no stinking camera

Of late I’ve been ducking into alleys and behind the monotonous blur of postcard scenes that abound in Taos. If you who follow me on Instagram you've seen plenty of these since our visit to Pueblo, Colorado back in March. All of those Instagram pics were shot with my iphone 7 which is always at hand and which boosts I mighty fine onboard camera. As my friend John Farnsworth jokes, “It’s a camera that’s also a phone.” 

The backstreet images here were made with an honest to gosh camera, my Canon 5D Mk lll. The mighty unit is the third most used camera among the professional class behind a couple of Nikons. Truth be told, the iphone performs some kind of alchemy and has left me wondering whether a big megapixel camera is even necessary. I say that barely in jest.

Señor Farnsworth has already reached that conclusion. At this very moment the boy is wending his way back to Taos after some four months in his beloved Antigua.

Bien venidos, Juanito.                   


Blacks Crossing said...

Your iPhone7 is certainly serving you well, Esteban! I agree with Juan that the phone is expending your horizons because it is with you everywhere, and in my book, they are definitely better cameras than phones! Great images from the back streets of Taos, literally right up your alley. Since I have not taken the dive into Instagram, I am very happy you are posting some of your work here. Thanks, Steve!

Jamie said...

Really live these...keep that phone humming!

Unknown said...

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