Sunday, September 02, 2018

Member of the Wedding

I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic couple to photograph for my first wedding shoot last Sunday. Kara Babb and Eero Vartiainen were statuesque, beautiful and very much at home with the camera. I thank them for the opportunity. Both are impressive and successful. Kara boasts a Master's in Chinese and Eero from Finland speaks four languages. At nearly 6’ and 6’5”, respectively, they made a 5’10” old guy feel little and decrepit.  And that smooth unlined skin, don’t get me started.

And speaking of old, let me put it this way. During the anniversary dance the DJ started reducing the married couples five years at a crack. "Okay, if you've been married five years more you can stay on the floor." "If you've been married ten years or more...." and so on. He stopped at forty years and I said, "Hold on a minute, pal. We can beat a piddling 40 years." The only couples left on the floor were the photographers and their spouses who had logged 46 years and 51 years of wedded bliss. But who's counting? Congratulations to Daryl and Fred Black who celebrated their 46th that very night and to Peggy and me who crawled to the 51 year mark last March.

And what is the secret to a long marriage? asked the Tony the DJ.

I took the mic and answered "Low expectations" and "Separate Vacations." I get to use those lines a lot.


Blacks Crossing said...

It is just great that you also decided to do a blog this morning of Kara and Eero's wedding, because it was a totally different approach than mine, and a lovely one at that. So very personal and wonderful. A great tribute to them and you. You should have been shooting weddings long ago. You achieved some incredible shots during the time we were at Prairie Star and I am so glad I got to serve as your second at the wedding. Thank you for this post. The calls will come pouring in for your talents!

Terry T. said...

I agree with Daryl, this is only the beginning my friend. Can't wait to see more of the photos you both captured. These here are a great start...
Yep, a new career awaits you. It matches your photography skills well.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks stalwart friends and comrades at arms. I'd be nothing without you.

Unknown said...

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