Monday, November 05, 2018

Leather and Sinew

Sorry everybody. We haven’t had internet since Saturday morning meaning that I missed my first blog post in something like 12 years. That’s a little like getting the first ding on your new car. The next time will be easier.

I’m taking a small break from the string of posts that will allegedly be woven into a memoir before I croak. So, today a couple of street portraits are my feeble effort.

These sinewy gents were standing in front of the Mercado Publico a couple of blocks northeast of the Jardin. The Jardin or garden is the epicenter of San Miguel. The soul of the enchanting Spanish Colonial pueblo radiates out from its manicured beauty.

For you gearheads, these were a product of my oh so handy Sony RX100 Vl. Pretty happy with that bad boy.


Blacks Crossing said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Esteban. As a very kind person said to me after I missed a blog posting, your work ethic is unparalleled and you are forgiven. But I like the idea of it being like the first ding on a new car.

Regardless, these two portraits are, in my opinion, two of your best. What faces! You captured something different in each man's eyes. Travel does suit you and your camera. Well done, we say, well done!

Terry T. said...

I can see you are taking good advantage of the extra long reach of the new SONY. Good work.
Now it is time for some of that eye popping color that the Jardin area has to offer.
Have you seen the guy selling the big cluster of balloons?

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