Sunday, September 08, 2019

Faces from Keremma

Jan Norsetter from Verona, Wisconsin
Ellen Howard of San Francisco

I photographed the painters in Brittany as they created their art on the beach in Keremma, in the villages of Plousecat, Brignagon, MoguĂ©riec, Roscoff and on the charming Isle de Batz. Out of many, many photographs these were worth sharing. Three of the artists wanted professional head shots and I didn’t step up. I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't but I was doing what I wanted to do each day. I'm like that. I was governed by whim and setting up proper portrait sessions wasn’t something I wanted to do. If we convene again I’ll come prepared to make it happen, perhaps put up a backdrop, some lights and photograph the whole crew. Or not.

Houston's Krystal Brown

Vared Pasternak, an Israeli now living in Miami, was the most insistence so I did do something approaching portraiture when the sunset provided its soft glow as it dropped into the sea at 10PM.

Vared Pasternak from Miami

Richard Lindenberg from Marin County

The others are candids. Sometimes my victims caught me in the act like with Jan from Wisconsin up top. Other times I was supremely stealthy. All but the one are of my American compatriots. Below is an elegant Keremma woman who brought her family to our show and sale for the benefit of local arts programs.

Keremma gentry


Blacks Crossing said...

What a stunning group at Kermma! I bet Peggy was pleased that you were out and about with your camera because the resulting photographs will definitely enhance memories. The shot of Jan is wonderful - soft and telling - and you definitely achieved an amazing "head shot" of Vared. Whether or not you wanted to grab only spontaneous shots, the one of Vared is terrific. A great study that she will no doubt use for years to come. And what bigger compliment can there be to a photographer? Nice blog, Steve!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks my faithful friend. Wasn't sure about this post.

Terry T. said...

Nice portraits Steve. I agree, next time dive in and and do the deed. You are certainly qualified and you will feel good about it.