Sunday, October 06, 2019

Rare Beauty

Of my gazzilion portfolios
Sketches of Winter and the Fog Series are probably my favorites. They’re more graphic and abstracted than my other stuff. And the Fog Series which started twenty years ago keeps growing. In fact I’ve driven to the California Coast three times in the past five years to find more of the moody brew. But last time I was met by blue bird skies and had to find solace in a robust, fruit forward Turley Zinfandel in 100 degree Paso Robles. Have a fall back plan.That's my motto.

On the odd occasion the soup even finds the high desert as it did at our rancho Saturday. We don't need no stinking ocean.


Blacks Crossing said...

It was thrilling to see the fog this weekend in New Mexico (as you said, we don't need no stinking ocean) and wonderful to see you were able to add to your collection of beautiful fog images from California. Love the first and the last two the most, and of course, your method of developing black and white that gives everything such a rich color and texture. Thanks, Steve, for taking advantage of the conditions and sharing them with us. Who knows? The weather may provide additional photography challenges this week!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks, Daryl. The more fog the better in my opinion. As to favorites mine is the last one I think.