Sunday, June 07, 2020

Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Today’s post is of photographs made over the last couple of weeks. I could have followed-up on last week’s dark prognostication of massive restaurant closings. I'm being inundated with obituaries of storied eating and drinking establishments that have closed for good thanks to COVID-19. One opened in 1945. The owners have used up their cash reserves and a half assed (50% of capacity is half isn't it?) opening as mandated would plunge them deeper into the tank. “No thanks.” They’re saying. “I’m not taking a second mortgage on my house to sustain the agony.” It’s not that a tempered reopening is wrong. It’s the right thing to do but isn't fiscally responsible for many operators. Still hope springs eternal and I'm guessing more than 75% of these optimists will roll the dice. Man, I hope it works.

I’ve been a casual photographer at best over the last three months. The unifying theme of work has been the sky or more specifically the clouds in the sky, something we have aplenty in the arid 7,000-foot desert of northern New Mexico. New Mexico skies could keep a guy engaged for another 78 years. Our epic skies and a little foreground interest are all I’ve got to show for my social isolation.

All of these, by the way, were shot with the iphone in my front pocket and processed with Snapseed. Don't judge me for being expedient. Or is it lazy?

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Blacks Crossing said...

Fred and I are so happy to see the results of your street wanderings in Taos as COVID-19 keeps us "on the farm" as it were. The building images are stunning and beautifully developed, courtesy of that handy iPhone and Snapseed, and I love the rain out the car window with the mask sitting on the dashboard. A sign of the times. Perhaps nature will bless us with a little more moisture again by the weekend.

With your nod to Mae West, whatever is in your pocket is working beautifully, Señor!