Sunday, January 17, 2021

This and that and not much else


Chaos Theory

There’s not much to report this week. It’s been a week of medical stuff and patching and painting our abode to get ready for an appraisal and a refi. Not the seven gauzy days of creative pursuits and navel gazing I would prefer.

Blanket of Snow, Ranchos Church

Blanket of Snow, Framed

Lenny's Fedora from Men in Hats, in the January-February issue of Shadow and Light

Bill Davis, the Dean of Taos Photographers. This was my Instagram entry Sunday.

On the meager creative front I did deliver my photograph, Blanket of Snow, to the Millicent Rogers Museum for its 19th annual Miniatures Show. And I approved the final edit of my article, Men in Hats, for Shadow and Light Magazine. Men in Hats, as I disclosed throughout December, is a compiled and edited story based on the six-part blog series of the same name that ended 2020.

I just topped 750 weekly posts. Even I am amazed. One year is a 4" 3-ring binder of pages. That counts for something doesn't it? Other than shelf space and trees.

The online Miniatures Show at the Millicent Rogers opens Saturday, February 6 and closes Sunday, February 28. To learn more go to 

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Blacks Crossing said...

Congratulations on 750 posts, your Blanket of Snow submission to the Millicent Rogers Museum Miniature Show, and the final edit of your Men in Hats article for Shadow and Light Magazine. I would say that amounts to quite a bit, given the fact you are in remodel and refinance chaos. We surely do sympathize with that! The photo here of Bill Davis is wonderful. Keep on keeping on, Amigo! Great job.