Sunday, February 28, 2021

Fixated and Disconnected

The cliffs on the Lower Hondo above the John Dunn Bridge

More of same

The images in this post are connected by absolutely nothing. There’s some experimental work where I’m playing with Spot Color, two straight- ahead landscapes along the Lower Hondo and finally two bleak statements from the West Rim where some fried tagger has issues with wealth and privilege. Maybe it was the plus 8 degrees at four in the afternoon, but the barrens of the West Rim felt like a one way trip to the gulag. I’m projecting Kill Jeff Bezos and Eat the Rich as a diptych for Immel² the two-person show that Peggy and I will have starting Friday, May 27 and running through June 18 at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art. Immel² is our fourth biennial show at the gallery.

Behind the Green Door
The corner of Valerio Road and Dead End

Kill Jeff Bezos

Eat the Rich

This is the shortest post in years. I’m completely fixated on getting my COVID booster shot and minor surgery on Friday. 


Blacks Crossing said...

It is quite easy to become fixated on anything in this odd world of ours, and we are pleased you will be getting your second vaccine soon and be done with that pesky back surgery on Friday! Still, you were able to keep up with the blogging and including some wonderful shots - the green door is a perfect application of color, and the Kill Jeff Bezos and Eat the Rich signs out in the middle of nowhere were great catches on your part. They may not be there for long. Thanks for the Monday mind food, Esteban!

Steve Immel said...

Glad you found it to be mind food, Daryl. I thought it was a weak entry and the epitome of mailing it in. Thanks for the attaboy.