Sunday, August 01, 2021

Talking Clouds

A big tipi under a big sky, Hondo Mesa.

Photographing northern New Mexico skies is a career path. A person could devote a long lifetime to capturing our sweeping, swirling, billowing, feathery clouds, and deep blue sky. It’s certainly been my story this year. In these parts if clouds are your muse days off are few.

Rio Grande bound, Hondo Mesa.

Crossing the Big River at the John Dunn Bridge.

Into another world, Arroyo Hondo

Otherworldly shapes, Arroyo Hondo.

The amazing sky phenomenon has been manifest of late as our monsoons started early and continue to anoint us with afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  While much of the West burns, we are blessed with stormy weather and the sweet smell of rain on the high desert. It’s one of nature’s visceral smells and another reminder that Taos may be the last best place.

These happened Saturday when I followed the clouds to Hondo Mesa and the Rio Grande. Point your car toward the most powerful part of the sky and she'll give you all you can handle.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Your "Talking Clouds" blog provide the uplift of which you wrote about pointing the car toward the sky and it giving you more than you can handle. Absolutely true these days and the photographs here tell the story perfectly. I love the dashboard overlay and the tipi seemingly producing clouds. Great shots, Steve! And a lifetime of photographic tales. Muchas gracias, Amigo!