Sunday, October 03, 2021

A man of few words

El Salto from State Road 150 in Arroyo Seco.

A splash of early morning sun on the Hacienda de Los Martinez

My amigo Dado Lucena of Socorro. 

Aspen detail with shallow depth of field.

As the sun falls.

Soft as a rose petal

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks learning to use my new Sony a7r llla. The ‘a’ means it’s the latest version of the camera. Most of my remaining gray cells have been committed to understanding the mechanics of the camera. I was less driven my imagery than technology. Still, I shot enough to proclaim the switch from Canon to be a success or at least to be very promising. Any qualms I had about a mirrorless unit not standing up to the DSLR have been assuaged and I’m ready to hit the bricks and to reignite my creative fire.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Cheers for the Sony mirrorless, learning the mechanics, and hitting the road to shoot during this stellar autumn season! Glad it met or exceeded your expectations.

Love the first two images in this sequence. The clouds in the first are spectacular, as is the light and your pitch perfect toning. The shaft of light on the Hacienda Martinez is quite magical. Very much looking forward to hearing about your new camera and seeing the work you and it produce together! Thanks, Steve.