Monday, March 28, 2022

I wanted to want to do it

I'm leading with this portrait of the handsome Mark Asmus. Whereas last week's portraits were made with natural light this was a full-on studio shot using a Canon 5D Mark ll with a 24-70mm zoom at 64mm, f8 and 1/180 second. It was lit with two Profoto Acute 2/D4 strobes through 4'x2' Chimera softboxes. 

JT was a self-proclaimed former street tough from Chicago. He was shot with single 42" beauty dish by a Canon 1Ds with a 24-70 zoom at 70mm, f9 and 1/125 second.

This is the photographer and writer Daryl Black with studio lighting. Canon  5D ll  with 70-200 zoom at 72mm, f3.5 at 1/125 second through two Profoto Acute 2/D4 strobes through 4'x2' Chimera softboxes. 

Gentleman Don who has since departed this earth was known as Joe McNally's favorite model and was so well regarded and loved that he was the subject of two books, one of them, Sketching the Light by McNally. is available on Amazon. Don is on the cover. He was photographed with a Canon 1Ds, a 24-70mm zoom at 59mm, f9 and 1/8 second. I used a single Profoto strobe through a 2'x4' softbox.

Sadly, the struggle to launch the mentorship program in Antonito has ended with losers all around. After some tense moments, one of which ended with Aaron Abeyta pulling the plug on the program.  He thought that the frustration I felt for “our failures, real or perceived” were not “a good foot to start the journey on.” That was followed by last minute reprieve. Then it all came to naught when I insisted that there be adult supervision, a chaperone, when I would otherwise be alone with the girls. I had tried to make that clear from the outset and I believed that Aaron understood and agreed. Instead he told me that the school didn't have enough staff to provide that precaution.

It’s no one’s fault but I feel guilty as hell. There’s no doubt I let them down. I’ll always wonder of if I should have taken my chances. On the other hand, I was advised in no uncertain terms to never be alone with teenage girls. I was warned to never put myself in an ‘I said she said’ situation. So, I made the prudent decision but one that leaves me empty. My last email said:


It’s a real disappointment. My heart aches for Sam and Angie, not an overstatement, but it’s a risk I can’t afford to take.


This was to be a post about using supplemental light in portraiture and was written primarily for Angie and Sam in Antonito. They will not see it, as I’m sure they didn’t see last week’s natural light post. How would I know? I've never heard.

It’s still for them.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Great studio images, Steve, particularly of Mark Asmus and JT, which I don't recall seeing before. But I, too, am disappointed that you were unable to act as mentor to Sam and Angie. Their loss, and yours as well on some level, but I am in absolute agreement that in this day and age, there should have been an adult chaperone from the school. it was a tough call but the right decision, 100%. Your studio portraits are wonderful, and I have always loved the shot you took of me as well as our day experimenting with your equipment. It was very educational. Pity you were unable to do that for Mr. Abeyta, but that is life. Thanks for giving the project so much thought. Perhaps it can come to fruition at some future date.