Sunday, May 08, 2022

LLano, Mesa and Mountainside

Corral #1, Taos Pueblo Land

Framed by Wire, Taos Pueblo Land

Taos is an artist’s dream. That’s why it’s been an art colony since turn of the 20th century. New Mexico, for that matter, boasts that almost 70% of the population creates an art or craft.  So, to live in the Land of Enchantment is to be immersed in a sea of artistic creations. We’re inspired at every turn.

Juniper #1, Cebolla Mesa

Juniper #2, Cebolla Mesa

Abandonado #1, Lama, NM

Abandonado #2, Lama, NM

Though I’m inclined to wander far afield for subject matter when I look carefully at the magical landscape nearby, I’m entranced by the wonder that surrounds me every day. And if I look carefully and closely enough a subject always declares itself. Such was the case last week when I took a magical mystery tour of Pueblo land north of El Prado, of Cebolla Mesa that overlooks the Rio Grande Gorge and of the belvedere or height of land in the village of Lama. The sky costars in this production.

I’m in the grips of a magazine deadline so this entry is on the short side. More from the field, I hope, next week. The open road does beckon.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Kudos on your Cebolla Mesa and local environs theme of today's blog, Steve. Wonderful images, including Corral #1 on Taos Pueblo land, and Abandonado # 2, where the turquoise color barely sneaks in to the capture the eye. It is good to have a magazine deadline, but I look forward to seeing where the wanderlust takes you next. Great blog, Esteban!