Sunday, November 20, 2022

New Spot Color

Reflected Sky #1, Old Martina's Hall

North Facing, Fechin Studio

Wagon Wheels, Old Martina's Hall

Not a whole lot of conversation today, folks. This post is the bounty of painstaking research and Photoshop mastery that had me digging for recent images that lend themselves to the vaunted spot color treatment. Spot color, as I have detailed in previous posts, gave my sleepy photographic career a kick in the pants just about two years ago. I delivered a print of Adobe at Ranchos Plaza to Rob Nightingale at his Wilder Nightingale Galley in Taos with the words. “I think this might sell.” He posted it to Facebook that very December afternoon and sold two 30” x 30” inch prints by noon the next day. And the race was on.

Turn Signal, El Prado, NM

Reflected Sky, Old Martina's Hall

Line of Sight, Lama, NM

Two goals set me on the road to creating more spot color photographs. First, I want to ride the spot color wave for a bit longer as in forever and, two, I’m seeking a subject for my January-February article in Shadow and Light magazine. More spot color is on my short list which also includes adobe and snow, vignettes about intriguing people, and Battery Godfrey, World War Two battlements protecting the entry to San Francisco Bay. Other pretenders may join the fray.


Steve Immel said...

Testing testing

Anonymous said...

WOW! I loved “Line of Sight, Lama NM” as a black and white but this takes it to an even better level.

Blacks Crossing said...

You already know I am a sucker for your selectively colored, black and white prints, and the ones you included here are great examples of why. The Reflected Sky, Old Martina's is a masterpiece, with the off-centered turquoise window, as is the North Facing Fechin Studio shot. Line of Sight Lama does take the black and white to a new level, as Anonymous said. These images definitely have my vote for your next Shadow and Light Magazine entry! Thanks for featuring them in today's blog. And congratulations on your sales of the Adobe at Ranchos Plaza!