Sunday, February 05, 2023

Immel + Immel in Five parts

Red Umbrella, Los Angeles

Street lamp at dusk, San Miguel de Allende

I’m serving two masters. I’m adding to my Spot Color portfolio and assembling a selection of images for the fifth biannual Immel + Immel show that opens at the end of August at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art here in Taos. It’s hard to believe that Peggy and I have been collaborating on these two-person shows for ten years. Thanks to her for initiating our artistic partnership at Wilder Nightingale in 2013. It’s been a grand journey.

Blue sky at the Upper Oro Mine, Leadville, Colorado

Pink shawl, San Miguel de Allende

Turn Signal. El Prado, New Mexico

For this weekly post, number 811 I’ll have you know, I had two possible subjects, new or at least unshown spot color images or a handful more folk era tales. It turns out I had a few more brushes with musical luminaries in the early sixties than I remembered last week. I’ll polish those additions to last week’s post soon.

In the meantime here are some dandy candidates for the upcoming Immel + Immel fete and for the Spot Color series. Peggy and I are working on a theme and a perky title for our show; one that’s clever, descriptive and keeps our field of play wide enough that we have room to roam.

There are enough possible spot color additions that I post these images in more than one tranche. Two at least.

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Blacks Crossing said...

A fabulous blog to start the week, Steve! Your spot color photographs will be perfect for the Wilder Nightingale show in August. Congratulations to you and Peggy on your tenth collaborative show. We hope it will be a huge deal for the gallery and results in multiple sales for both of you. As far as today's photographs, the street lamp at dusk in San Miguel de Allende is vintage Steve Immel. A perfect addition. The shawl and umbrella are both stunning, and the sky is another image that reflects your love of the stories that buildings "left behind" produce. I look forward to future additions as you work on them for the upcoming show. Muchas Gracias, Amigo!