Sunday, April 09, 2023

Dazed and Confused

Lucie, Taos, NM

Following up on last week’s post about California Highway 46, a story in which struggled to capture 100 miles of desert, rolling hills, a soft shouldered mountain range and fog cloaked seashore I’m going to post two tales that flow from that story in successive weeks. It’s my way of sorting through images and choosing a path forward. One would be a glorious snapshot of California told in no more than a dozen images. That’s the one entitled A Golden State of Mind. The other has a working title of Unforgettable because it directs me to a brace of photographs that have become part of me. I may be proud of the image. It may be emotionally charged. Or the location, company and circumstance of the effort continue to resonate after 50 years. Occasionally it’s all of those. 

Cloud Bank, Los Cordobas, NM

Canal, San Francisco de Asis, Ranchos de Taos, NM

Another element is a time and circumstance when everything comes together; subject, weather and mood, and every shot feels like a masterpiece. In those magical times you know the image works from the second you compose it in your viewfinder. Those special times are few.

Jackrabbit Homestead, Morongo Basin, CA

Bishop Pines, Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

As I write these words, I don’t know which story will arrive on your device Monday. So, I’ll start as though I’m doing both and see what survives Sunday evening.

My friend, the talented writer and photographer Daryl Black assures me I am capable of delivering A Golden State of Mind or Unforgettable in 12 images and a thousand heartfelt words. I'm far from sure about that. It hasn't come together so far.

I give up for now. I’m still in the hell of image selection for which story I don’t know. I’m as confused and lost as I’ve been in 818 consecutive posts. So, I’m throwing you a place holder till I sort this out.

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Blacks Crossing said...

I am still of firm and sound mind that you are able to choose from your many California images a grouping that says "A Golden State of Mind" and/or "Unforgettable" for a Shadow and Light. The two titles alone say different things. That said, my two favorites from this blog are Bishop Pines, Presidio, and Cloud Bank, Los Cordobas. The life-affirming spring is upon us, and it is time to shed Dazed and Confused. During the curating process, photos that make you smile or tug at your heart strings in any manner are winners. Above all, enjoy the process as much as your blog readers enjoying viewing your photography and reading your writing!