Sunday, September 17, 2023

Grand Skies

Grand Sky #1

Grand Sky #2

The Grand Canyon is marvelous, monumental, and magical. I could go on till I run out of adjectives that start with M. Still, I find it hard to photograph and it doesn’t move me all that much. Maybe it’s too pretty and pretty alone isn’t enough. I don’t know how to take it beyond its comely face and to make it more. The skies that bless the Canyon are something else again and they’re what’s featured today. I am a sky guy no matter how you slice it.

Grand Sky #3

Grand Sky #4

Grand Sky #5

Given our early morning departure on Sunday I’m writing these few words on Saturday afternoon so it’s not hanging over me at dark o’clock Sunday night when we get home. Hopefully, I’ll just press Publish and it’ll be on its way to you.

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Blacks Crossing said...

You certainly got some magnificent sky shots, even though you were yearning for more drama from the canyon itself. You are the sky expert so why not? Love the orange sunset virga, as well as your shot of the canyon itself. Glad to know you are out and about with cameras in hand, and enjoying the great American West! Thanks, Esteban'!