Sunday, November 12, 2023

Small Works Great Wonders

Peggy presents her work

Sold. Just the way we like it.

We just returned from Oklahoma City where Peggy was an invited artist at the Small Works Great Wonders show at the National Museum of the Cowboy. It was her fourth year in the prestigious exhibition. All the work in the show was extraordinary, which is no surprise since the artists are among the crème de la crème of western painters. And I can’t say enough about the 220,000 square foot museum which celebrates the grand history of the West with special focus on the mythic American cowboy. It should be noted that cowboy attire from boot to hat was practically obligatory at the opening. I skipped the hat part. It musses up my hair.

Peggy with the proud owners of both paintings.

As to Small Works Great Wonders, Peggy’s paintings were luminous and poetic in a way that some of the paintings weren’t despite the skills so evident in the work. Of course, that’s just my very objective assessment. And both sold to a lovely couple from OKC who proudly announced. “We already have two of your pieces and we know exactly where we’re going to hang our new ones.” I find such enthusiasm, even love, for a artist’s work touching and unforgettable.

Peggy and Jane Hunt. Their work is behind them.

The Ivanov Immel Hunt wall in that order.

We've become friends with the Aleksey and Olga Ivanov, artistic and life partners formerly from Russia, who are Peggy's wall mates. Their energetic bronc buster and bison are the first pair on the wall. 

The Ivanovs and Immels at play.

The Albert Bierstadt Glow.

We first encountered Albert Bierstadt's work at the Palm Springs Art Museum 15 years ago. We were amazed that we had never heard of his monumental work and became ardent fans. This the Bierstadt at the Cowboy Museum soared. What a storyteller Bierstadt was. 


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Blacks Crossing said...

Kudos to Peggy on her fine showing and sales at the National Museum of the Cowboy! Well done, indeed. And fine company. Glad you included a photograph of the Bierstadt Glow. A stunning work. He was quite the story teller. And you are as well, showing us the talent of so many by photographing artists and their work. Aleksey is quite the dresser. Glad Peggy was a wall partner with him and Olga. Thanks for sharing, Steve!