Sunday, December 17, 2023

Wonderland Pending

Blanket of Snow, Ranchos Church

Canal and Ice, Martinez Hacienda

As I ponder my subject for the January-February issue of Shadow and Light Magazine I'm looking for something befitting the dead of winter. I’ve been toying with the title Wonderland which to me implies winter. As to this week’s post I had been planning to write about the Lighting of Ledoux, the quintessential launch of the Christmas season in Taos. We still remember our first Lighting of Ledoux some twenty years ago. That year heavy snow had just fallen, and Santa arrived in a horse drawn wagon with a bevy of curvy elves wearing patterned leotards and sporting gold wigs. We turned to each other and exclaimed, “This wouldn’t have happened in New Hampshire.” That was quite true, but I don’t have enough worthy shots to warrant a blog about Lighting Ledoux. Instead, today I offer the first tranche of candidates for Wonderland. I have fodder enough under that broad category to fill several blogs. So, the month of December is in "in the can" in movie speak.

Long Shadow, Brazos Pass

The cabin at Wind Mountain, Taos Plateau

Shrouded, Taos Mountain

Ventana Azul, Torreon Hacienda

In reviewing my cache of winter images, I saw that I could select photographs from at least three series: Adobe and Snow, Into the Clouds and Sketches of Winter. Here are photographs from those portfolios. Toward the end of the month, I’ll select ten or so for the article Wonderland.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Quite frankly, I am extremely happy you decided to share part of your tranche of photographic possibilities for the upcoming issue of Shadow and Light Magazine with your blog readers. They are some of my favorites. And your description of one of your first Lighting of Ledoux Street experiences in Taos is perfect. As you said, only in Taos. I definitely look forward to your selection for "Wonderland" and the brilliance of winter!