Sunday, February 18, 2024

Sketches of Winter Reviewed

Saturday night was the opening of Sketches of Winter Revisited, my minimalist ode to short days, bone chilling temperatures and fresh snow. While assembled from images made from 2007 through 2010 the series still felt as unique and relevant as it did 17 years ago. That’s according to me, of course.

Sketches of Winter Revisited at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art in Taos

A boy and his toys

Peggy and Steve as their 57th approaches in March

That little number is Inky Shadows. It might be my favorite from the series. And it looks like its name methinks.

The takeaways from the opening are these. It was lightly attended, and sales were scant. One sale was to a dear friends and collectors who may have taken pity on me. Which isn’t to say that they didn’t think highly of the photograph. The couple, both extraordinary artists, chose Porcupine but, more broadly, loved the entire series. Thanks to Nancy and Hiroshi.

Porcupine as displayed

The original image as conceived at the height of land on Brazos Pass

And to the subject of appreciation, responses from the sparse but discerning audience were the most enthusiastic I’ve ever experienced. And that soothed the sting of poor sales at least to a point. I was once asked “What’s more important to you recognition or sales?” I answered, “Yes.”

Among the few attendees were zero sisters and brothers of photography. There wasn’t a single Taos photographer in the throng. That stung. I knew beforehand that three local photographers couldn’t attend for serious health and family reasons. They get a pass. Just the most stalwart friends and supporters made the effort and I want them to know how much it meant to me. I try to show support to all the serious photographers in my life and will redouble my efforts to recognize their efforts. In that spirit I drove to Santa Fe Sunday for a presentation by my colleague E.E. McCollum at Edition One Gallery. He and I are regular contributors to Shadow and Light Magazine. And a week ago Saturday I attended a reception for a bevy of fine if old photographers at the very same gallery, Edition One. It's a newish establishment at the top of arty Canyon Road that emphasizes but is not limited to photography. I recommend a visit. And you should also check out their just launched Leica and Scotch photography discussion series. Yesterday’s conversation with Eric McCollum as interviewed by fellow photographer Mark Berndt was fast paced, wise, inspiring and funny. I see Leica and Scotch in your future, metaphorically speaking of course.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Sketches of Winter did not fail. And what a magnificent display at Wilder-Nightingale gallery in Taos of your work from 2007-2010! The gallery did your fine work justice in many ways. Good to see the photographs in place, and you and Peggy along with them. You are one of New Mexico's uber couples! Congratulations on your sale. Surely, there are many more to come!