Sunday, April 28, 2024

Galisteo on my mind


Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios


"April is the cruelist month." Title courtesy of Wynn Bullock.

Cemetery #2


Galisteo, NM lies about 20 miles southeast of Santa Fe in the very flat yet scenic Galisteo Basin. The impetus of a midday shooting was time wastage. Peggy was participating in a art equipment sale and swap at the Bluebird Studio in Santa Fe’s horsey Arroyo Hondo. Taos has its own version of Hondo. I had the wheels so I did what a man has to do. After breakfast at the bustling Harry’s Roadhouse, always a fave, I shot down US 285, speaking of favorites, and spent a couple hours nosing around the village of Galisteo. It’s quaint, has a Spanish Colonial history dating back to 1504 and has an artsy vibe. 

Seventeen years ago, we had about given up on Taos and Galisteo was a real consideration till we learned that had no home mail delivery, no internet and the nearest Post Office was in Santa Fe proper. Further, the nearest grocery store was a small market ten miles north in El Dorado. Adios, Galisteo. 

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Blacks Crossing said...

Love your story about Galisteo, your near-home seventeen years ago, before realizing some of the things Taos had and Galisteo did/does not. It is so strange how we stumble across things and make decisions in life. We are glad you landed in Taos, but Harry's is a great place for breakfast and lunch, particularly out on the patio at this time of year. April can be the "cruelest month", but despite the roller coaster weather ride it has been this year, it has also offered spectacular blooms and signs of life. Thanks for your blog!