Sunday, June 02, 2024

The real Lindsey Enderby

On several occasions I’ve told the story of how we came to know Lindsey Enderby. Like so many we met him in his cowboy emporium Horse Feathers. It was
 in late December and the next day found ourselves at Casa Enderby celebrating Christmas. Lindsey takes in strays. 

This post is prompted by his departure from these parts just four days ago. I began to look back for photographs to depict the arc of our twenty year friendship and to provide a nuanced look at the effects of Lindsey’s maladies. Then I thought better of it and decided to show him as he was in 2004 when we first met him, a strapping six feet and 200 pounds. That's the way he should be remembered, a charismatic people magnet like no other. This portrait was made in front of his much missed Horse Feathers

I am, much like I did with The Vatican of Saloons a few week’s back, reposting 1.3 degrees of Separation from Lindsey Enderby from April 1, 2018.

1.3 degrees of separation from Lindsey Enderby

Last week I said I’d post a photograph of my dear friend Lindsey Enderby. Turns out I had lunch with the boy yesterday along with his friend and mine, Lucky Bill Parrish, the renowned cowboy baritone and all ‘round good guy from Richmond, Virginia. In a wide-ranging conversation over bountiful burgers at the Taos Ale House, Bill and I circled around to the fact that we had both met Lindsey at his legendary cowboy emporium, Horse Feathers, Bill in 1994 and I around 2004. Lindsey takes in strays, so we immediately joined his band of merry men and have grown into late middle age while in his thrall.

I posited that if there are six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon there are precisely 1.3 degrees from Lindsey Enderby meaning that if you ask Jim Bob in Harlan County, Kentucky if he knows Lindsey, he will, he will have met him at Horse Feathers even though Jim Bob has never left the holler. It’s a miracle of science and a mystery of the universe I’m telling you.

In the image above Lindsey is doing his best Will Rogers impression, an aw shucks persona behind which lurks a steely eyed ex-lawyer, student body president at SMU and all post football champeen in his Army Reserve days. It was taken in the late, much missed Horse Feathers store in late April 2008.

Ten years. How they fly.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo of Lindsey! Thanks for posting it.

Blacks Crossing said...

I actually remember the original posting, because, for some reason, we had just met Lindsey on your recommendation, if I recall correctly. Anyway, a most worthy repost, particularly since he just departed Taos. A loss for Taos and New Mexico, but folks do what they have to do in this life. Happy Trails to him and thanks for the posts.