Sunday, September 09, 2012

Edifice Complex

The sights and sounds stimulated me out of my shorts.  Kendall Square, MIT, the Charles River and the Boston skyline from Cambridgeside served up a big load of New England whoopee.  What a rube.  A couple of early morning runs along the river amid the hordes of other runners and bicyclists recalled dozens of earlier efforts long along these very paths starting in the seventies. 
Fact is that in 600 plus photographs over two days I am left with too many themes for a single post.  Oh, the embarrassment of riches.  There’s the Charles River and associated subjects. Or Kendall Square and the MIT’s hallowed halls of academia. The great city of Boston seen from Cambridge is always a crowd favorite.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Ultimately the thing that rocked my world was the space age architecture of MIT’s newest structures.  As you can see they don’t look real but appear like an artist’s renderings of a future world colony on the planet Albon.


Daryl A. Black said...

Edifice Complex and an embarrassment of riches. TRUE, so true, on so many different levels, including photography. The early morning light is perfect in these shots, Steve. May the inspiration continue!

reclad Auckland said...

It's has such gorgeous eyes to capture every thing. I can never get enough of her~

Unknown said...

such a wonderful collection of captured images. I am really inspired by your work. I will share it on my blog:

Unknown said...

The collection of your photography is really great and amazing. Thanks to share it with us.
reclad auckland

Unknown said...

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