Sunday, September 16, 2012


Despite two gorgeous days on the Maine coast with fellow photographer John Snyder I’m going with more Cambridge shots for this post.  As I said last time, I’ve trod the paths that line both sides of the Charles River many times; once on a leg of a triathlon.  The paths are well used treasures.  At about 7:30am a mish-mosh of humanity welcomes the day with a walk, run, ride or sail with the Boston skyline and the famed Citgo sign at Kenmore Square in the distance. 

Gotta say I love Boston and Cambridge.  Boston is often compared to San Francisco in shear usability.  I totally get that.  You can walk across both cities.  They both have populations of 600,000 give or take.  Each has a rich sense of history and a youthful vibe.  Oceans don't hurt. They score big on the Richter scale of hipness.  And both are bastions of foodiedom. 
Geezer alert.